The Beast of Her Dreams - Lilith Likes Dirty Words

Title: The Beast of Her Dreams: A Sapphic Shifter Erotica
Author: Naomi Piper
Synopsis: For months, Emaline has dreamt of a mysterious pair of eyes in the woods. And every night, her curiosity grows, and the monster dreams get steamier.
By day, Emaline is a college student, struggling to pass her statistics class. When her hot butch classmate seems to know more about Emaline than she should, things get interesting.

Lilith's Notes: So, a funny thing about female hyenas...

"Emaline is in the Forest Again..."

Well, this was fun!

When the story first started, I was a little worried it was going to be same as many other erotic novellas, just sort of...existing in the shapeless voice of the Internet for easy consumption.

But, once Ema started dreaming of her beast, I was hooked.

This story really likes to tease the reader. It's not a slow burn exactly, but, in the true style of dreams, Ema wakes just as the dream is getting good.

Until she manages to finally dream her way into the passionate jaws of a beast she calls Forest. And it is very hot and very well written!

Then, Ema meets a girl named Kiran, who seems self-confident, alternative and a little rough and tumble. Kiran and Ema hit it off and it too, is extremely hot and well written. Highly enjoyable.

Eventually Ema realizes Kiran and Forest are one in the same, but that doesn't deter her from being with Kiran, were-hyena or not. The two are fated mates, paired and bonded for life. And Kiran's family welcomes Ema happily.

This is just a simple, fun, sexy read if you're into were-erotica. It might be some of the hottest stuff I've read in a long time.

I like the role-reversal in the relationship between Ema and Kiran. You would think Kiran would be the dominant one because she's so harsh and brash when we first meet her but she's a big softy. Ema becomes the dominate one, telling Kiran what to and what not to do, and Kiran thrives being commanded like a pet.

The only two things that bothered me about the story is that it was told in present tense, which is always a hangup for me. I find it a little awkward and it throws me out of the story a bit at the start.

The second issue is that it relies on the word "tit" too much. It's just not a word I enjoy, too crude and dismissive, but that's fine.

Best Moment: There's one point where Ema blindly offers her lower body to Forest and she can't see what's going on down there and it was really hot. Also, the first time Ema and Kiran get together, there's ab grinding. Ab grinding!

Worst Moment: There's a scene where Kiran's brother gets caught in a trap and their solution to get him out of it was kind of silly. Just say you were drunk and pranking or daring your friends to fuck around with the traps.


Until next time, my voracious voyeurs. I’m Lilith, and I'm always watching.

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