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Title: Anne: A Taboo Parody
Starring: Eliza Jane, Tommy Pistol, Kristen Scott, Casey Calvert
Director: Bree Mills, Craven Moorehead
Synopsis: Anne has always been an orphan. Now that she is eighteen, she hopes she can one day be reunited with the parents who left her behind. But her dreams are mixed with the psychological damages of being a wayward girl in a transition home used for all kinds of under-the-table labor, some too heinous to describe. An environment void of order and reality sees her adopted into the possession of a rich businessman, Mr. Westfield, who's attraction for Anne clouds his judgement, making a scheme to retake Anne, concocted by the lecherous owner of the transition home Mr. Hands possible. Will Anne survive scandal and manipulation to find where she truly belongs? - Via Adult Empire
Lilith's Notes: A dark retelling of Little Orphan Annie.

"It's only a day away..."

There needs to be a better word than parody for this kind of production. Parody evokes the idea that the film will bring jokes or commentary on the source they're parodying. I understand they use the word Parody to skirt legal issues but from a marketing standpoint it implies something specific and doesn't exactly deliver.

This isn't a parody, it's a re-imagining.

Anne is a dark and dirty retelling of the classic story of Little Orphan Annie. This Anne lives in a filthy, savage halfway house where the girls earn privileges like no chores, TV time and extra food if they cam and sell their panties.

Anne (Played by Eliza Jane) is the only virgin in the room and clings to hope that her parents will come get her some day. She has had a heart necklace to remember them by.

All around her, girls live in squalor, working at the behest of the creepy and coked out Mr. Hands (Played by Tommy Pistol)

The scene devolves into Mr. Hands fucking a select few of the girls, including his two henchgirls Bonnie (Played by Whiney Wright) and Patty (Played by Ashley Adams). It's a loud, truly chaotic scene but the energy is kept up through it all.

Soon, Mr. Hands and his henchgirls set their sights on Sally (Played by Kristen Scott), who's legs are paralyzed. They taunt her and use her, and Scott's thousand yard stare is amazing.

It's high energy and always creatively changing. It made me wish Bree Mills made Porn Miserables.

And that's just the first 30 minutes of this four and a half hour journey. This saga opens very, very strong.

Miss Farling (played by Casey Calvert) comes to the Home for Wayward Girls looking for the perfect photo op orphan and finds it in Anne. At first Mr. Hands says she cannot go but Anne agrees to fuck him.

He teases her with her necklace, hanging it around his dick and its a fun scene full of taunting and anger.

With the help of Sally, Anne manages to escape to the estate of Mr. "Daddy" Westmore (Played by Derrick Pierce) and meets the maid (Played by Elena Koshka) and Anne, the maid, Miss Farling, along with the butler (played by Mick Blue) and the driver (Played by Seth Gamble) all fuck.

When Anne meets Daddy he is cold and aloof. She goes to wish Daddy goodnight and he tells Anne he's just going to use her, and she invites him to do so.

This episode is the nadir of the series. The sex is bland and porny, and I found myself asking "remember when this was a pastiche to Annie?"

Things pick up again in episode 3.

Mr. Hands learns there's a reward if anyone can find Anne's parents and he enlists his sister Mrs. Knox (Played by Sarah Vandella) and her husband (Played by Steve Holmes) to pose as Anne's parents and they'll split the millions 50/50.

While being fucked by the Knox's, Sally learns of the scheme and tries to warn Anne.

The con artists get there first and tell Anne they're a very loving and open family and coerce Anne into giving Mr. Knox a blow job.

Sally, Daddy and Miss Farling burst in and tell Anne that the Knox's are not her parents and they're caught. Daddy punches Mr. Knox and Miss Farling pushes Mrs. Knox to the wall. I wanted Miss Farling to throw a punch.

Anne, in despair, begs Daddy to fuck her. She rips off her necklace, a symbol of her past, and gets fucked. Sally reluctantly watches until Anne convinces her to take part and a boring orgy breaks out.

This epic has some real highs and some bland lows. For the most part the acting is great. Anne's fear and desperation is palpable and potent. At one point when shes going down on Mr. Hands, she sees the necklace and breaks for just a second and she focuses on the necklace as she pleasures him.

The dignified resignation Sally has as she's being used is haunting and admirable.

Tommy Pistol steals the show. He brings an astonishing level of disgust and sleaze to the series. He's vile in incredible ways. At one point he stretches his foreskin open so a lady can pee in it. At another point he spits on Anne's ass and then snorts it like a line of blow. I have never seen that before.

It's a wonder why his version of The Joker missed the mark for me because it really is perfect casting. Tommy Pistol was born to play a porny Joker.

The costumes are good, the styling works, the sets and locations are believable. The camera work and lighting are good.

The ending doesn't quite work for me. Sally and Anne should have had a moment to be intimate together and alone before Sally is accepted into the arms of Daddy. Anne should have cuddled with Sally and said something like, "You're my family."

But, porn's gonna porn.

Best Moment: I really liked the teasing with the necklace, and Anne breaking down at the sight of it, only to double her efforts to pleasure Mr. Hands.

Worst Moment: Probably the orgy in the second episode. It was just there to be there.

LILITH'S SCORE: 4/5 - It's classic Pure Taboo content with good visuals and exceptional acting, but some of the porn scenes overstay their welcome or were never welcomed at all.

Until next time, my voracious voyeurs. I’m Lilith, and I’m always watching.

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