Under the Veil - Lilith Likes to Watch Nunvember 2021

Title: Under the Veil
Starring: Kenna James, Tommy Pistol, Charlotte Stokely
Director: Ricky Greenwood
Synopsis: Even orients and nuns are sexual creatures. Take a peak behind the monastery walls to see what God's servants are truly up to. Sister Kenna is a fresh faced nun in training, who still has carnal desires. Father Tommy finds his faith pushed to its limits when a newly married couple ask him to witness their wedding night's union but perhaps even join in. Sister Charlotte has written a book about sexuality that has caught the attention of the innocent Sister Kenna and the eye of Mother Superior. Will she stay true to her oath or will she end up straying? - Via Missa X.com
Lilith's Notes: I've been waiting for this movie for months.

"Do you really think that God would waste his words on a slut like you?"

There’s a joke running through my life: I have been blessed with the power of manifestation. I state I want something, and it happens. For example, while watching Watching You for this blog, I had made mention of wanting to see Tommy Pistol dressed as a priest. Weeks later, Ricky Greenwood announced Under the Veil which features...Tommy Pistol as a priest.

I hope this super power doesn’t go to my head.

Under the Veil is the story of several nuns in a church, and Father Tommy, who battles with his lustful yearnings of Sister Kenna (Played by Kenna James).

Sister Kenna kneels at the altar and produces a dirty book written by Sister Charlotte (Played by Charlotte Stokley). She begins to masturbate until Mother Superior (Played by Helena Locke) finds her. She spanks Sister Kenna with the book, then goes to admonish Sister Charlotte.

Fun fact: Both Confessions of a Sinful Nun and Under the Veil were made by Ricky Greenwood. Both star Charlotte Stokely as a lesbian nun named Sister Charlotte. Is it wrong to imagine that this is the same Sister Charlotte? It feels right to me. Cinematic Universe confirmed!

Father Tommy is called upon by a married couple (Played by Ashley Lane and Dante Colle) who desperately want to conceive a child. They ask him to bear witness and pray upon their lovemaking. While she blows her husband to get him ready, the wife maintains eye contact with Father Tommy. Father Tommy meekly reaches for his rosary while the husband enters his wife. The wife is the focal point of the scene, and it’s all about her pleasure, her desire, and Father Tommy’s discomfort in this duty. Everyone stays in character and, for a porno, there’s actual acting going on. At one point, while they’re fucking doggy style, Father Tommy comes over and places his hand on her forehead and says a prayer. It’s so great. It’s the best scene in the film and we’re only ten minutes into a movie that’s almost five hours long.

When it’s over, the wife propositions Father Tommy, and asks him to try and put a baby in her. She touches him, they kiss, and he declines. Predicable and smarmy but it works for the film. He engages in self-flagellation as punishment for nearly falling for temptation.

Sister Charlotte’s literary agent (Played by Aiden Ashley) comes to visit and they fuck. There’s use of a rosary. I wish it was vaginal instead of anal, but I suppose something is better than nothing.

Throughout the entire movie, the cinematography is good. It’s full of fun use of shadow, light and silhouette. Ricky Greenwood has learned a thing or two since Sinful Nun. The camera, too, knows where to linger. During the spanking scene, we’re focused on Kenna’s rear, during Tommy’s punishment, we’re trapped watching the anguish on his face, and when Charlotte and the agent are fucking, we’re lovingly observing the spider-web tears of her stockings. Well done.

Sister Charlotte is punished by Mother Superior and she is physically crippled, meanwhile Mother Superior uses Father Tommy’s lust for sister Kenna to control him, and Sister Kenna sneaks down to Sister Charlotte’s cell to transcribe her writings.

The scene where Mother Superior has sex with Sister Kenna in front of Father Tommy is also well done. Kenna plays it completely naive and to be used and manipulated, and Tommy is a writhing mass of agony who’s left running a pair of handcuffs over his clothed erection. It’s another standout scene just because of the creativity and staging alone.

The rest of the movie is full of dark machinations and schemes that I’m not going to spoil here. Suffice to say, the plot of Under the Veil is surprisingly complex for a nun porno. Can it be called nunsploitation? I don’t know. It feels too layered for that. I think with porn trying to be more about story and safety and empowerment, the -sploitation suffix is fading away.

Still, it was a very cutting finale to Nunvember. Unfortunately we've come to the end. I hope you enjoyed our very first month of Nunsploitation. Have you seen these movies? What was your favourite? Any recommendations for what we should review next year? Please, share your thoughts!

Best Moment: The married couple scene. Especially the moment when Father Tommy touches the wife’s head.

Worst Moment: During one sex scene, Father Tommy isn’t wearing his priest robes. Well then, what’s the point? Isn’t that what we’re all here for?


Until next time, my voracious voyeurs. I’m Lilith, and I’m always watching.

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