Watching You - Lilith Likes to Watch

Title: Watching You
Starring: Ivy Love, Tommy Pistol, Jake Adams, Kenna James
Director: Bree Mills
Synopsis: After being cheated on by her boyfriend, Jessie seeks to rebuild her life. Although she hopes for a fresh start, Jessie's past quickly returns to haunt her when she gets hacked on her social media. When she sees a suspicious vehicle parked outside her house, she KNOWS that something is wrong as she comes face to face with her stalker. As Aaron returns from college for the summer vacation at his mother and new husband's home, he meets his new stepsister Alexis. Aaron, being very shy, develops a sexual attraction for Alexis and decides to take action. Although she is a little disgusted that it is her stepbrother, Alexis decides to please Aaron because he's still a virgin. - Via Adult Empire
Lilith's Notes: One of the final films featuring Jake Adams.

"Take your time. Enjoy it. You only lose your virginity once."
There are at least two types of porn sex. Porny-porn, which is just repeated displays of tab-a entering slot-b. You might be compelled to say, "Yep, that sure is porn, alright." Maybe it has a memorable moment or two, but you're done sooner than the scene itself. There's little communication between the performers, and they're like dolls that someone just randomly shifts into different positions like the parties fucking are being mind-controlled.

Then there's the other kind of porn, that's somehow more attentive, nuanced. Maybe not realistic but tells a story.

Watching You consists of two tales, the titular Watching you, and Mixed Signals. In Watching You, Ivy Love plays Jessie, who goes to get her laptop erased. The techy, Kevin, played by Tommy Pistol, grabs her private photos from her drive and posts them, then shows up at her house. Armed with a baseball bat, Jessie goes to confront him and they go inside her house. There's a long, single-take scene where Kevin opines that hot girls constantly ask him to erase their hard drives of bad memories and broken relationships, and how women would never look twice at a guy like him. How they're all sluts and shit like that. You know, you're typical incel manifesto. I get what they're going for but the entire thing feels off somehow. Maybe they were simply having an off day, or maybe there wasn't much of a script, but it was rife with long pauses, stumbled lines, and repetitious dialog. I think this is my first encounter with Ivy Love but I've seen Tommy Pistol before and I know he's better than this.

Even the styling seems wrong. At least give him some nerdy glasses. Wardrobe, hair and makeup can go a long way in informing a character but this just felt like actors on a set.

Eventually, Jessie agrees to fuck Kevin in exchange for him deleting her sensitive material. So they fuck.

Yep. That sure is porn, alright.

I actually had a theory that this was directed by someone other than Bree Mills, but apparently not. My new working theory is that this is a "one of them, one for me" situation; Churn out a basic porn shoot now and allow herself to be artsy next time.

A good porn scene should tell a story. Jessie is reluctant, she's being coerced, and that performance should show that. Allow Jessie to get some aggression out. Lightly use her teeth or rake her nails along his sack. Near the end of the scene she spits right in Kevin's face and I adore that, but it's too little, too late. That should have been one of the first things she did. Although, there is a scene where she grabs his beard and they kiss, and another where he's pinching her clit with his fingers while rubbing her and both those moments were great and highlights of the scene.

Although there is something hot about a naked woman in an aggressive stance holding a baseball bat.
When it's over, Kevin wish-washes about his end of the deal, and Jessie smashes her laptop. The end.

Moving on...

Mixed Signals and was the entire reason I picked this film.

This July the adult film world lost a great adult performer, Jake Adams. I hadn't seen much of his work but what I had, he was the highlight. He seemed fun, and open and kind. I was saddened by the news. This is one of his final films and I'm glad he got to go out on a high note with a great scene partner and director.

Jake Adams plays Aaron, a 23 year old virgin meeting his 19 year old step-sister Alexis, played by Kenna James. She's extremely friendly, full of warm hugs and quick cheek kisses and he's instantly aroused.

Aaron hears Alexis talking naughty and this causes him to swipe a picture of her and jerk off to it. His mom walks in and he awkwardly asks for advice about girls. She tells him to be a man.
Aaron asks Alexis to his room and he grabs her, kisses her and accuses her of being a tease. She mocks him, but sympathy takes over and she offers to be his first. They have sex.

This scene is in great contrast to the sex in the first vignette. It's slow, with communication and clear story progression. This is the third time I've watched Kenna James educate someone on sex on film and Sex Education Kenna is best Kenna. They go through the entire scenario with Alexis constantly telling Aaron what to do and how to do it, and how to treat and satisfy his partner. There's a cool shot where the camera creeps up like the rising sun on the horizon and slowly reveals Alexis lounging back with her knees up and Aaron going down on her. I just liked it. I thought it was neat. Also there's a moment where Kenna James twists her toes together and it's adorable.

The one misstep with this story was that Aaron is shown reading a book about black magic and that does not come into play at all. I was sure he was going to hypnotize Alexis or cast a spell to make her want him but it was simply a red-herring.

Even the styling in this story is on point. Jake Adams is in glasses and button-up shirts and Kenna James is walking around in off the shoulder crop-tops and short shorts but wears it with confidence. It makes them feel like characters, and not just actors doing a scene like in the first story.

In the grand scheme of things, Mixed Signals isn't anything exceptional, however, it is a high note for Jake Adams to have gone out on.

Best Moment:The creeping camera shot in the Mixed Signals story.

Worst Moment:The acting in the first story and the stumbling over lines.


Until next time, my voracious voyeurs. I’m Lilith, and I’m always watching.