Succubus - Lilith Likes to Watch Halloween Trick & Treat IV

Title: Succubus
Starring: Audrey Noir, Tommy Pistol
Director: Andy Zane
Synopsis: Tommy is finally reunited with the love of his life. He only has to pass on to be with her forever. With the sexual energy provided by passionate lovers as they watch from the other side, Tommy and Audrey will be able to pierce the veil. - Via Adult Empire
Lilith's Notes: It's a life-after-death porno, perfect for Halloween.

"What the hell just happened?"
You've probably seen that clip of two porn stars fucking, then the camera man produces a doughnut, takes a bite, then offers the doughnut to the male performer. He takes a slow, lavish bite and the female performer looks on in shock.

Ever wonder what movie they were filming? So did I. So we here at Lilith Likes to Watch did a little sleuthing. It took about two minutes to find the source. It's this movie. A movie about a pair of lovers who want to reunite after death, and to do so, they need energy. Think Sailor Moon villains but the Pure Heart Crystals are orgasms.

Some indeterminate amount of time ago, the love of Tommy's life was taken away from him via metaphor, then he gets in a car accident. If he lets go, he can see her again. Only see. They're not strong enough to touch, let alone embrace. She tells him they need energy and passion to grow stronger. So they watch people fuck.

That's it. They just watch couples fuck. They don't possess them, or puppet them, or anything really. They don't collect jizz as it spills out of the man, or is deposited all over the woman.

There are so many creative ways to do this. Super impose Tommy and Audrey's faces over the screen like a cheesy 80's mall photo. A bad CGI energy effect. Shadow puppets. Have the people having sex pass out. Voice over. Something. Anything.

How are they getting the energy? How are they finding the couples? I don't know. Nothing is established.

Instead it's just three disparate sex scenes with absolutely no connective tissue put together like a X rated episode of Power Rangers.

In between the scenes of sex, Audrey Noir and Tommy Pistol hang out in brightly lit rooms and speak in voice over. Sometimes in reverse. If they can do voice over for these scenes, why not over the sex scenes? Please explain yourself, movie!

So, the three sex scenes. The first is a very porny scene between Mackenzie Moss and Jay Smooth. The editor both dissolves from one scene to the next and also leaves a lot of pointless shots in. It's very confusing. When it's over, the screen shakes as the videographer desperately tries to find the off button on the camera. Or find another doughnut.

The second scene features Charles Dera and Anny Aurora. It's more gentle and caring, while still being, well, porn, obviously. Dera masturbates Aurora while holding her in his lap. She gently mewls for him to come for her. I liked it. It worked. A nice pick-me-up from the previous scene where Jay Smooth was having trouble staying hard.

The third scene...

Look, I try very hard not to kink-shame on this blog. Whatever you want to do, do it, as long as everyone's boundaries are respected and everyone's of legal age and preferably sober. That doesn't mean I need to watch it.

So here we have alleged sexual abuser James Deen, slapping Gia Derza all around the house. He's spitting in her face, choking her, and shoving her head under water.

This film came out way after the allegations made by multiple women, by the way.

I did some more searching, just to make sure I had my ducks in a row. Derza had filmed with Deen several times, and has never made allegations against him that I could find. I guess she feels safe to film with him.

Anyway, fuck it. Full disclosure, I skipped this scene. I watched long enough to get the set up, then skipped ahead. The crux of the scene was that Deen doesn't fuck Gerza anymore. So he hits her and fucks her hard. Somehow, this provides enough energy for Tommy and Audrey to finally touch.

Tommy and Audrey fuck. They fuck on the couch, the floor, against the wall, finally the bed. And it'

There's no sense of longing, of how much they yearned to finally be together. They don't comment about hearing one another's heart beat or the warmth of each other's skin, or how much they missed tasting the other's lips or anything.

Then, Tommy wakes up at the scene of the crash. Was it a dream woven by his unconscious mind? Is he doomed to repeat this cycle over and over? Did the paramedics pull him from the brink of death? The ending is vague to the point of being lazy.

Just like most of this movie.

I tried. I really wanted to like this. The set up was solid and the creators did occasionally try to do something creative with the frantic camera jumping, the metaphors and the backward voice over. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I've seen it all done better in Underworld.

The greatest thing any of us can take from this movie is that delicious doughnut.

Best Moment: Well, since the doughnut was a behind the scenes thing, I can't say that. Probably Anny Aurora's gentle begging for her partner to come.

Worst Moment: Do you even have to ask? Obviously the Deen stuff.

LILITH'S SCORE: 2/5 – It's a Halloween Trick

Until next time, my voracious voyeurs. I’m Lilith, and I’m always watching.

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