Lie With Me - Lilith Likes to Watch

Title: Lie With Me
Starring: Eric Balfour, Lauren Lee Smith
Director: Clement Virgo
Synopsis: An outgoing, sexually aggressive young woman meets and begins a torrid affair with an equally aggressive young man in which their affair begins to bring a strain on their personal lives. - Via IMDB.
Lilith's Notes: It features scenes of unsimulated sex.

"Look at Me."

At the risk of outing myself, I will admit I love the HBO show Six Feet Under. I love the premise, I love how dynamic every character is; how some episodes your favourite could become your least favourite. Except Ruth. Ruth is always the best.

So obviously I know Eric Balfour as Gabe, Claire Fisher's troubled boyfriend. And now, like Claire before me, I know what Gabe's penis looks like.

Lie With Me is the story of two young people who just can't. They want to be together, but just can't let down their barriers, or accept change.

Leila (Played by Lauren Lee Smith), is a failure to launch 'free spirit' who chases sex and booze to avoid her feelings. Her feelings about her parent's divorce, and her cousin's impeding wedding, and she does it all in a haze of flowy fabric, strappy wedged heels, and tight-fiting babydoll tees.

When she spies David at a party, she eye-fucks him from across the room with his girlfriend (Played by Polly Shannon) standing and smiling right there. Leila takes a shy guy into an alley and fucks him while David watches from his car, being serviced by his girlfriend. David and Leila's eyes lock, Leila mimics the acts of intimacy David engages with his girlfriend, and instant connection is born.

After a bit of cat and mouse through the daytime city streets and a children's playground, David dumps his non-entity, ever-smiling girlfriend off screen, Leila goes to his place, and they finally get together.

Over the weeks, David and Leila toss away the burdens keeping them apart and fall in love. David and Leila stay inside, in their own perfect bubble of David's artist's apartment. Then they venture outside and everything begins to fall apart.

At a club, David watches as Leila dances with two guys. She returns home with him and tries to instigate sex but when he questions her sexual behaviors, things go from bad to worse and he takes her roughly, while making her promise never to leave. Jealousy always has to wreck everything. Dude, you knew what she was like when you first met her. She came home to you. That's what should matter. Instead, David goes all "Oh she's having fun being sexual, woe is me, even though she's doing nothing really but flirting, woe."

From there, things decline, and Leila leaves him. The duo play cat and mouse games with one another until finally, they realize what they both want.

This movie had me in the first half but then once David's jealousy comes around, I found myself growing annoyed. How dare a young, cute woman be sexually liberated. No, of course not. She has to be damaged and hurting and just needs the love of an artsy man to make her into a good girl.

Leila doesn't really seem to have problems other than apparent unemployment, and that her parents are divorcing. But she's not enough of a free spirit to make that charming. She's just a girl in her 20s living her life. And she is shamed and toyed with for it. Hashtag Leila Did Nothing Wrong.

The camera work is fun, with well composed angles, and an effective use of focus. The set design is good, too. David's apartment screams artist and Leila's place is gritty, grimy and unloved, an outward display of her unhappiness.

The sex was fine. Some, if not all, was unstimulated, but it was filmed in such a way that it really didn't matter. The view was obscured by body parts, or clothes, or shadows. The only thing that was undebatable was a hand job.

Which is how I know what Gabe's dick looks like.

Best Moment: The voyeur sex scene between Leila and David. It was secret and intimate.

Worst Moment: The insecure masculinity. David knew exactly who she was when they met.

LILITH'S SCORE: 3/5. Not the best, but better than a lot of it's ilk.

Until next time, my voracious voyeurs. I’m Lilith, and I’m always watching.