Lilith Likes to Watch - Money March part 4. Double Feature!

Welcome back to Money March. Today we have a Double Feature. How exciting!

Title: Barbara Broadcast
Year: 1977
Starring: Annette Haven, Constance Money, C. J. Laing, Jaime Gillis
Director: Radley Metzger
Synopsis: In a restaurant in New York, the menu is unusual, with some sauces prepared by waiters on the spot. In this scenery, at another table, a reporter interviews a famous prostitute. - Via IMDB
Lilith's Notes: Constance Money is in chains and on a mirror. That's why.

"Is it still a business doing pleasure with you?"

So, right off the bat, the movie looks really good. the first thing noticeable about this film is the colour composition. Nails, lips and tongues are red and pink, but everything else is shades of complimentary greens and creamy earth tones.

It is, however, the oral-y-ist of movies. Which is fine, I like some good oral but it feels kind of endless. The scenes go on and on and really, the movie's plot is just a series of vignettes. People meet and fuck so sudden and interchangeably it becomes droning.

Also, this is completely the Annette Haven Show, which is fine, she's striking and I'm not complaining at all, but after one hour and six minutes of a one hour and twenty-something movie I started to wonder if Constance Money was even in this.

My patience was rewarded. There she was, done up in silver chains and leather cuffs and nipple clamps, sitting on a mirror on the floor and spread open wide. I was immediately intrigued but also concerned, for myriad of reasons.

First off, apparently all the Constance Money scenes I'm talking about in this Double Feature were all originally filmed for The Opening of Misty Beethoven but were cut, and Constance Money didn't conscent to them being put in other films.

Second of all, one of my first Lilith Likes to Watch reviews was Radley Metzger's The Image. That movie is intense and rather cruel. And, allegedly Metzger and Money did not get along.

However, it's a great scene. She looks to be in a tolerable amount of discomfort, the chains seem slack enough that she actually has to grip them to make them tighter, there's no hitting or shoving or forcing of anything and by the end of the scene she's reveling in the cum, and smiling a genuine smile which, once again, all her acting has always been in her face. She gives affirming nods to her partner. She's ok.

If Radley didn't think she had something special he wouldn't have her doing creative, comparatively 'extreme' shit like this over and over again.

And it's the best blowjob in the whole movie.


Title: Maraschino Cherry
Year: 1978
Starring: Gloria Leonard, Leslie Bovee, Annette Haven, Constance Money,
Director: Radley Metzger
Synopsis: The madame of a high-class new York brothel teaches her younger sister all about the business. - Via IMDB
Lilith's Notes: The final film Constance Money appeared in until her revival.

"I am the kill."

Impromptu history lesson for you: I first watched this movie the day after I posted my very first Lilith Likes to Watch review. I was struggling for something to say about it. So, I decided "Fuck it, maybe I'll do a whole month of Constance Money movies some day."

And, here we are.

I am still at a loss for words at this movie. It's just another series of scenes that have very little connective tissue between them. It's annoying because obviously Metzger's track record proves he can tell a story.

In this movie, it's very clear that certain scenes were filmed for The Opening of Misty Beethoven, as one feels like straight up Misty cosplay, with the pigtails and everything.

All together, Constance Money is in three scenes. The first, she wades into a lake in a public park, playing with the miniature motorized sailboats. She's very cute and playful and I want a Constance Money mermaid of my very own.

The scene changes to her and the sailboat guy watching porn while she's in her Misty Beethoven pigtails and jewelry, and she gives him a hand job to climax.

But there's another scene with Constance Money, a woman, and a bullfighter, which is deleted from the DVD release. Probably because it was put in without Money's permission. The scene itself is fine, nothing stellar, especially for the more adventurous acts we've seen Money do. Other than, of course, her beauty and movement, the best part of the scene is her shimmering gold matador outfit, particularly the pants with these huge bell-bottom flairs.

If this was indeed a scene meant for Misty, I'm hard pressed to figure out where it's supposed to go. Anyone acting opposite to Money isn't credited for Misty. Oh well.

To this movie's credit, it does all culminate to an interesting scene of dominance and submission which features Annette Haven.

If, in fact, footage was used without permission of Constance Money, I could see why she left the whole porn film world. It's a shame because she was very good at what she did.


NEXT TIME: Next week we conclude Money March with her final film, A Taste of Money.