Snow White: The Sequel - Lilith Likes to Watch Animated April

Title: Snow White: The Sequel
Starring: Stephen Fry, Sally Ann Marsh, Lia Williams, Simon Greenall
Director: Picha
Synopsis: Prince Charming was supposed to live long and happily with Snow White after kissing her back to life. However the jealous ‘good’ fairy decides that she and the prince were meant to be, only the start of a whole series of perversions of various fairy tale characters’ traditional good nature. - Via
Lilith's Notes: Our first Picha film.

"The most sacred law in all the kingdom requires me to resurrect her with a kiss."

Fairy tales are a warm comfort to many. If you've been following me around for a while you know I have immersed myself in the world of fairy tales in order to write my own.

But now my book is out in the world, so I can, if I so choose, to leave childish things behind.

Yet, lucky for me it's Animated April so I can justify one or two more steamy storybook offerings.

That's what led me to Snow White: The Sequel.

Originally a French production, Snow White: The Sequel tells the tale of the beautiful, pure, innocent princess Snow White (Played by Sally Ann Marsh) and her dashing Prince Charming (Played by Simon Greenall).

Well, words like beautiful and dashing might be overselling this. Snow White is on the wrong side of Olive Oyl, and that’s the least of this movie’s problems. While the actual animation in itself is fairly good, the character designs are rather unappealing. Of course art is subjective, and obviously this film was trying to make everyone laugh rather than make us all hot and bothered but I just didn’t enjoy the visuals too much.

There are some highlights, though. I like how the collar of Snow White’s dress was sheer. It gave a hint of elegance. I also liked Sleeping Beauty’s Jessica Rabbit replica face.

This film’s strength is in its creativity. I enjoyed seeing how certain fairy tales were reworked. Prince Charming, already married to Snow White, is bound by law to kiss any sleeping and/or dead princesses he happens to come across. He wakes Sleeping Beauty (Played by Lia Williams) with a kiss and she quickly takes on the role of the evil queen. She was one of the highlights of the story.

The writers really did their best to cram in as many fables as they could in this story. Almost everyone from Tom Thumb to The Three Little Pigs either make an appearance or are at least namedropped. The downside to that is we come across tales we’d much rather be following. In this world, Beauty and the Beast are swingers. I want to shadow that evening. We do learn however, that Beauty hooked up with Red Riding Hood’s wolf. So, Beauty has a type!

While I didn’t find this movie pretty, or titalting, I could at least appreciate the twists and turns, and deserves credit for that.

I was amused at perhaps two moments. One was when the Prince wakes Sleeping Beauty. It felt almost like an homage to Deep Throat. If you know, you know.

Surprisingly, I quite enjoyed a lot of the voice acting. I watched it in English and Snow White was suitably breathy and sweet and swoony. The Prince was haughty and proud, the Fairy (Played by Morwenna Banks) had an unexpected New York accent to her voice, and the whole thing is narrated by Stephen Fry. Yes, really.

However, there was one plot point that didn’t make sense. A pie is enchanted so that whoever eats it, falls in love with the first person they see. An ogre eats the pie and sees Snow White. Instead of falling in love with her, and wanting to fuck her, or marry her, or anything, he wants to eat her. That’s not how the enchantament worked. Since this is a French film, I suppose one could chalk it up to something being lost in translation, but one presumes the translation had story editors, right? Right? Probably when looking at the bigger picture, this is a small thing to complain about but it really irked me.

It’s a weird movie. It’s not bad, exactly, but it’s very, very strange. It felt like if The Asylum tried to hijack a Disney movie.

There are worse adaptations, and worse animations. If you’re looking for something cheeky and silly, this might work for you, but if you want to get your rocks off, there’s better tawdry ‘toon tililation to be found.

At least it's short.

Best Moment: The reveal that Sleeping Beauty takes on the role of the Wicked Queen was a pleasant surprise.

Worst Moment: It was rather ugly looking and not very funny or hot.


Until next time, my voracious voyeurs. I’m Lilith, and I’m always watching.

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