Fella Pure - Lilith Likes to Watch Animated April 2022

Title: Fella Pure
Starring: Kei Mizusawa
Director: Tatsumi
Synopsis: On the outside, Keiko Mitarai is absolutely perfect; she has a beautiful figure, astounding leadership, and a good reputation among the students. Unbeknownst to many, however, behind the charisma she exudes lies a complete pervert who cannot stop thinking about the sexual art of fellatio. Because of this, whenever her parents are away, she uses her younger brother to discover new ways of giving pleasure, which is bound to one day go too far - Via MyAnimeList
Lilith's Notes: A tale of really close dirty siblings.

"I'll show you my true colours."

There is such thing as comfort content, even in the fought landscape of pornography, even in the never quite know what you're gonna get mosaic of hentai. I was sick this week, thankfully it wasn't Covid but it still reduced me to a weak, fragile kitten with no appetite and a fuzzy brain. So, I bundled up in my trusty ahegao blanket and watched a hentai I had already seen a few times and remember being top tier.

Keiko has her life totally together in public. She is class president and the boys fear her and the girls idolize her. But when she's at home, all she wants to do is give her brother Noboru blow jobs.

Straight up, this hentai is not going to be for everyone. It has incest and pee play and those weird inside the body shots. View at your own judgment.

The art in this is sleek and bright and very colourful. When they’re not fucking, the characters are well designed and communicate visually what they’re all about. Keiko looks like one would expect an aloof class president to look, and Noburu is a classic anime every man.

Both characters are refreshingly up for anything and they explore one another with wild abandon. It’s all taboo, but also very open and inviting.

When their mutual lust throws them together, however, everything goes balls to the wall crazy. They become bouncy, rubbery cartoons. Body proportions change and shift. Thighs grow, mouths widen, tongues become alluringly yonic.

I remembered this being extremely ahegao but I didn’t remember it being quite so over the top cartoonish. There’s an almost Bakshi-esque quality to physicality here. It’s like the sex-crazed Keiko was touched by Fritz the Cat.

There are a lot of shots of body organs. The creators have a fetish for penetrating the womb and we see it in very graphic detail, over and over again. As an owner of a womb it’s weird and kind of off-putting.

Eventually Keiko gets the bright idea to put a glory hole in their shared wall and when their mother stops by because she forgot to pick something up for her trip, Keiko has to hide under a blanket and act the sweet little daughter to her mom’s face while Noboru obliterates her pussy.

With that close call averted, the siblings both decide the glory hole is too dangerous to keep around…yet too alluring to resist!

Fella Pure was adapted from a manga by an artist named Fue. The animation only covers a small part of the manga, so if this story entertained you in its brief run time, know that there is more of it out there. You can find it. Keiko is still happily acting as her brother’s receptacle.

Best Moment: There’s one moment where Keiko is grinding against her brother, and his cock slips into the seat of her panties and gets trapped and he orgasms and it is yes.

Worst Moment: Every time it cut to shots of the womb. That’s not hot.


And with that tale of loving, consensual filth, we bring Animated April to an end. What did you think? Had you seen these anime before? Are they new to you? Which was your favourite? What should I watch for next year? Until next time, my voracious voyeurs. I’m Lilith, and I’m always watching.

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