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Title: In the Bedroom of Medusa
Author: Magen Cubed
Synopsis: An ancient monster in the modern-day. A gilded castle with whispered secrets. A peculiar sapphic romance.
When Evelyn agrees to become the live-in companion of the secretive Lady Demetria Balaskas, the human finds herself falling for a creature lost to time.
Lilith's Notes: I received an ARC of this book. First book I've read by this author.

"At that moment, I became anathema."

(I was given an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.)

Evelyn is an escort who spends time with men for money. One day she is hired to be the companion for the rich, eccentric Lady Demetria Balaskas. Exclusively. Evelyn will live at Demetria's manor among maids, her days will be her own, and her nights would be to serve her mysterious Mistress.

Since it's in the title of the story we all know why we're here.

I love this book.

It was incredibly hot. The relationship between Evelyn and Demetria was always pleasant but also gradually grew from purely physical to emotional. Magen Cubed did an excellent job in making Demetria a sympathetic character. The supporting characters all have at least one trait to tell them apart, and they played their roles to move the story along.

I like Evelyn, but I wish she had some sort of passion for ancient Greek myth or snakes or something. She too easily excepts the truth of who Demetria is. But it didn't hinder the story at all, I just think it would have been a cool extra facet to her character.

The aesthetic of this book is fun. So many blindfolds, veils, beautiful dresses and soft leather! There's attention to texture, and sound, because Evelyn is deprived of sight through most of their sexual encounters.

It's an easy read, with minimal conflict and no real hint of "Oh no she's a monster but...". It's uncomplicated, sexy and fun and I absolutely adored it!

Best Moment: Forked tongues. Erotica needs more forked tongues.

Worst Moment: I wish there was some 69ing. Two beautiful ladies tangled together, one all wrapped up in snakes? Ah well, my imagination took me there on its own.


Until next time, my voracious voyeurs. I’m Lilith, and I'm always watching.

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