Teenage Lesbian: One Year Later & Oral Experiment - Lilith Likes to Watch

I’m going to tell you one of my truths. Global pandemic is up high on my HARD NO list. Possible annihilation by some invisible virus is one of those things that I had hoped I’d never see in my lifetime. Yet, here we are.

I fucking broke. I was incapable of doing anything other than the bare minimum of eating, bathing, and pet care. I haven’t been outside my neighborhood in almost six months. Meanwhile I plaster a smile on my face when around those who care about me and make jokes about sexy masks because that’s how I’ve always operated.

Previous fetishes I held suddenly were turn offs. The thought of writing something, review, erotica or otherwise, was terribly daunting, and, ultimately pointless. Covid had destroyed the future plans I had for my personal life, my publishing plans, and the run of Lilith Likes to Watch. I was jealous and angry at people who could go out because they had better immune systems than mine. There was no end in sight and things just kept getting worse and worse. Why fucking bother?

And then it was like a switch was flipped inside me. I guess I went through the stages of grief and came around to acceptance. I started writing again. Short bursts, but it was something.

You work with what you have to get what you want. I always wanted Lilith Likes to Watch to be a video series but I had neither the resources, or equipment to do it. So, the Broken Wings Media gang said “Fuck it, we’ll do it anyway.”

Hence, this new video review format.

What do you think? Sexy, right? Be gentle, it’s my first time.

To get back into the erotic review groove, we here at Lilith Likes to Watch picked two videos we knew would be easy to enjoy...


Title: Teenage Lesbian - One Year Later
Year: 2020
Starring: Kristen Scott, Bree Mills, Kenna James, Aidra Fox, Alina Lopez, Whitney Wright, Kendra Spade
Director: Bree Mills
Synopsis:  Adult Time is proud to present a special reunion episode featuring the cast of Teenage Lesbian, talking and interacting through Zoom. Enjoy shared anecdotes and behind the scenes details on the episode’s origin, experience during production and reaction afterwards. - Via Youtube
Lilith's Notes: Teenage Lesbian: One Year Later was one of the first live streamed orgies to take place during the quarantine of 2020.

"I never thought that I’d ever have the opportunity to play a character like Sam in porn."

The first was Teenage Lesbian: One Year Later, a Zoom call between the stars of Teenage Lesbian and director Bree Mills. The ladies discuss the critical darling hit of 2019 through the advantage of hindsight. It begins with Bree Mills introducing the viewer into the idea of a video conference, something we were all still a bit unsteady with back in the start of 2020. One by one the ladies join in the call. Some look a bit casual while others are camera ready. Kristen Scott’s hair is a fun magenta colour that compliments her personality. Whitney Wright eyes are haloed in pink, and Aidra Fox looks like a sleek ice queen with a warm smile. The more casual Kenna James looks like the girl next door and Kendra Spade and Alina Lopez look like the could be down for video games, or for a night of boundless sex. Either or.

They all seem to have had fun while filming the movie, and appear to genuinely enjoy each other’s company. Kristen praises the opportunity and the other ladies echo they knew Kristen was perfect for the lead role.

Bree asks each woman a question in turn and they all bounce insights off one another. It’s nice and candid and feels honest.

Once the question portion of the retrospective is complete, Bree logs off and the 6 remaining ladies engage in a split-screen Zoom orgy.

There’s a slight awkwardness to it because this was before television like American Idol and daytime talk shows and even the Daytime Emmy Awards moved to Zoom. No one knew how it worked yet. It was early in the pandemic and no one knew how long it would last. Like most things in life, pornography is the innovator.

Whitney Wright, who did not get naked in Teenage Lesbian shows off how flexible she can be with her heels up over her head. Alina Lopez has a beautiful bra and panty set that I love. Aidra Fox is all moans and giggles, as she begs to the other girls to let her touch them through the computer screen. Kristen Scott can’t hold back her signature full-body tremble and the other ladies poke gentle fun at it, resulting in breathless snickers from all 6 screens. Toys are brought out almost in unison, and to close it out, the women encourage Kristen to come for a final time. The whole scene runs roughly ten minutes but it could have gone longer and I wouldn’t have complained. It felt intimate, like being witness to a very exclusive webcam show.

Bree returns, everyone says their goodbyes and the retrospective ends. Sweet, clever and sexy, Bree Mills and her mind continue to give generously, even in the worst of times.

Best Moment: The entire experience of watching felt very honest and intimate.

Worst Moment: Kenna James’ camera seemed a little out of focus. I wish it had gone on longer and that Kenna and Whitney were given more questions. 


It felt good to be watching again, I didn’t want to stop. So I went in for a second round with Kristen and Kenna engaging in a little Oral Experimentation.

Title: Oral Experiment
Year: 2020
Starring: Kristen Scott, Kenna James
Director: Bree Mills
Synopsis:  Inspired by the need for more authentic sex education and Adult Time’s vision to produce original adult content, The Oral Experiment is a new docu-series that features candid interviews with women about oral sex. - Via Youtube
Lilith's Notes: Kristen Scott and Kenna James engage in oral sex for 40 minutes.

“That is just my favourite.”

Once more we bask in the presence of Kenna and Kristen. I love these two. They portray themselves as incredibly genuine and down to earth. Kristen and Kenna seem to have an hones
t friendship, and their chemistry is astounding. One will say something and amiable laughter will chirp from the other. It doesn’t feel staged or rehearsed or scripted. Kristen gazes upon Kenna with such admiration, and Kenna is all husky teasing.
Each lady is given an orange upon which she demonstrates her oral technique, and what she enjoys most. They kiss, the screen fades to white. The experiment begins.

Kristen approaches the bed on which Kenna lays naked. She kisses up Kenna’s thighs, her nails softly raking along pale legs. Kristen looks between Kenna and the camera, acknowledging the presence of the viewer, and inviting them to enjoy the show.

The screen occasionally divides itself into three different shots, each one focused on a different part of the woman being pleasured. As Kristen continues to service, Kenna’s face works through a parade of expressions. Her eyes cross and roll back, she bites and sucks her fingers. She laughs breathlessly, she sighs, and hangs on the edge of weeping.

The lovers switch places and Kenna eats out Kristen with a playful tongue and smiling eyes. She rarely, if ever, looks to the camera, all her attention is on her partner’s needs. Kenna said she was a giver and she sets out to prove it.

During one of Kristen’s orgasm’s she puts her hand over Kenna’s, a sweet little gesture that speaks to their closeness. It happens again as Kristen is coming down from her ecstasy.

Endorphins flying everywhere, the pair kiss passionately and revel in how incredible it all was and I was near certain someone was going to confess love for the other.

The whole film was fun, and joyful and felt authentic. These two are amazing together and know exactly how to push each other’s buttons. In a good way.

Best Moment: The moment they touched hands.

Worst Moment: The run time. It should have been longer.