Banned Music Videos From the 90s - Lilith Likes to Watch

Year: The 90s
Starring: Madonna, Mitsou
Director: Fabien Baron (Erotica), Alain Desrochers (Dis-moi, Dis-moi)
Synopsis: We're doing something a little different this time, looking at sexy banned music videos!
Lilith's Notes: Educational purposes.

"Why is it that people are willing to go and watch a movie about someone getting blown to bits for no reason at all, and nobody wants to see two girls kissing and two men snuggling?"

As I write this, there's a meme going around. At least, I think, I hope it's a meme, that Post Malone "put some guy named Ozzy Osborne on the map". I actually remember hearing something similar with Paul McCartny and ...was it Kanye West? But that was all tongue-in-cheek and that's why I'm hoping this Ozzy thing is, too.

However, it got me thinking: people in this day and age may not know the sexier music videos that existed once upon a time. They may only know Madonna as "That Old Woman Who Sang American Pie.", or maybe "Didn't she kiss Britney Spears?" or something. These same people are now a few years into being able to watch some of the spicier music videos without having to scream "Get out of my room, mom!"

Madonna had always courted controversy. From her video for Like a Prayer, which had burning crosses and a black Jesus, to Express Yourself, which featured people being treated like pets. Also, she wore a suit in that video, which both was the most clothes we'd seen Madonna in for a while and also shocking, because, A woman in a suit?! Most unorthodox!

And then Madonna released a video for her song Justify My Love. Which got banned from television, along with a song called Dis-Moi, Dis-Moi by a singer named Mitsou.

So, of course, Madonna, being the provocateur she is, released the album entitled Erotica and the companion book Sex. The video for the title song from television, and the song itself was not played until after 9pm.

In response, Madonna wrote the song Human Nature, an anthem about being who you are, liking what you like, and not being shamed for your kinks and sexuality. She released it on the following album. Out of all the songs and videos I've mentioned so far, Human Nature has always been my favourite.

All those videos caused the Canadian version of MTV, Much Music to create a show called Too Much for Much, where they showed various videos in their unedited glory, then people would ask, "Is this porn?"

And you know I watched the premier episode. Over and over and over.

The first episode consisted of the videos for Justify My Love, Erotica, and Des-Moi, Des-Moi.

So, let's watch them, shall we?

And here's the Mitsou video. Along with another one that features nudity.

These videos seem pretty tame by today's standards. Even though they show more skin than Madonna's videos, Mitsou's videos aren't not porn, they're just French. But it does go to show that sex sells. Controversy sells. I would have never known Mitsou's name if not for this debacle and Madonna sold the Justify My Love video on VHS and made a bundle.

Even so, these videos made this blog what it is today.


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