Lilith Likes to Watch - Sex Wish

Title: Sex Wish
Year: 1976
Starring: Harry Reems, Zebedy Colt, CJ Laing, Terri Hall
Director: Victor Milt
Synopsis: A man is shaken out of his contented, middle-class existence when his wife is raped and murdered by a crazed serial killer who has been terrorizing New York City. - Via IMDB
Lilith's Notes: Zebedy Colt and Harry Reems in a film together.

"I did it because I love you."

Consider your favourite porn star. Hell, let's be generous and add a second favourite porn star, along with a well known third porn actor. Now, consider a fetish you like. Finally, add something that would be an instant hard-no turn off. Something that would make your genitals turtle back into your body cavity.

Congratulations, you just experienced Sex Wish.

Harry Reems plays Ken, a man who's very much in love with his wife Faye, played by C. J. Laing. One day while Ken is at work, Faye is raped and murdered by the Night Walker, played by Zebedy Colt. Ken then proceeds to hunt down the Night Walker and also soothe his pain through sex.

Now, this has the makings of something great. Unfortunately when the Night Walker rapes, he takes on the persona of a babbling child. It's disturbing and annoying and I think Colt is doing it for the sake of  performance art but I'm 'not certain. I absolutely adore Zebedy Colt. He's my favourite male performer just thanks to sheer charisma and cleverness. And to his credit, if I wasn't told it was Colt, I wouldn't have known. He does disappear into the role during the couple's rape scene, so I guess that's a credit to him.

But the infantile rapist isn't the only role Colt plays. Oh, no. When he rapes, he's child-like, but when he murders, he is filled with hatred and disgust. He's suave and meticulous and full of rage and this is what I wanted the movie to be. He has a walking stick, a cane-sword. That's my fetish!

There's a pretty good scene between Colt and Terri Hall, and frankly, I wanted more of it.

The sex scenes were fine. Reems seems like a very attentive lover, and it looks like he tries to make sure his female partner is enjoying herself. That's nice to see. I like that.

The movie builds to a foot chase and then a final confrontation where The Night Walker shares his baffleing motivations for his crimes.

If this was in the hands of, say, Radley Metzger, Gerard Damiano, or even Colt himself, this might have worked better, ot not have been so incredibly off-putting.

Good for those who like to view an entire body of a performer's work, those who like roughies, or Reems superfans, but nothing worth seeking out otherwise.


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