Melting Point & Murder Mystery Double Feature - Lilith Likes to Watch Mystery Month

Title: Melting Point
Starring: Mindy Stricke, Zoey Wells
Director: Mindy Stricke
Synopsis: Melting Point is a queer, experimental, feminist erotic short that captures the heat between two lovers, literally. Shot with a digital thermal camera, the film records the scene using temperature instead of light, revealing new ways of seeing pleasure, play, and desire. - Via
Lilith's Notes: I like infrared in theory...

"Purple Black Orange Red Heat."

If you meander over to Letterboxd, there's a public list of all the adult films in the Letterboxd database. I find it to be an invaluable resource and frequently peruse it.

Like most, if not all Letterboxd lists, it allows for comments. Last week, some user condemned pornography as harmful and degenerate and stated it must be stricken from the site. Other users fought him for his views.

I did not participate in the conversation, but like the true voyeur I am, I watched.

As I watched the fracas, I mentally tallied a list of beautiful, artful pornos with compelling narratives. I'm not going to rehash that list here, any regular reader can probably already name a handful.

The point is, porn can be art. We know this. We have seen it time and time again thanks to this log. And this week, thanks to Mystery Month, I uncovered a new one to add to the list.

Melting Point is a very short experience between two women (Mindy Stricke and Zoey Wells), some toys, and an infrared camera. The entirety of the film is captured through the lens of a thermal camera, and begins with one woman taking a steamy shower. Shocking yellow water flows in rivulets bright as lava down her red body. It’s alien and beautiful.

She goes to join her lover and the two play with an ice cube, carving paths of stark, solid velvet blue against their heated skin. They have sex and it’s like the sun shines from within. The whole thing is stunning.

It could have been longer. Five minutes is not enough. The entire display had me enraptured beginning to end.

This isn't a review so much as it's an endorsement. Watch this. It’s art.

Best Moment: It's hard to choose. I'm me, and I know myself so I'm going to say the shower. It was so beautiful.

Worst Moment: The length. It could have, should have been easily three times the runtime.


Title: Murder Mystery
Starring: Jenna Foxx, Sabina Rouge, Aria Carson
Director: Inka Winters
Synopsis: A tongue-in-cheek (and other places!) homage to Noir and everyone’s favorite Murder Mysteries. Think Knives Out or Clue… with lots of hot sex, “killer” retro style, and the world’s most self-aware wise-cracking’ narrator-guy. Simply the bee’s fucking knees. - Via PinkLabel.TV
Lilith's Notes: Sexy whodunits for all!

"And now we're in a murder mystery? I thought this was a porno!"

The second film we watched, which also strove for artistic merit, is a short called Murder Mystery.

A group of people (played by Eric John, Nathan Bronson, Jason Moody, Jenna Foxx, Sabina Rouge, Aria Carson and Rod Jackson) are having a rich persons party when a murder is discovered! Who was the culprit? What was the motive? Will the two sexy women (played by Jenna Foxx and Sabina Rouge) fuck?

This was an interesting little experiment. There was no dialogue, instead, everything was done by a quippy, self-aware, fourth-wall-breaking voice-over narration.

But also there’s occasional spoken dialogue and it’s trite stuff like “I’m gonna come”. The creators obviously wanted to try something different, and the spoken dialogue just breaks the immersion. Overall, it was fine. Nice and short, it didn’t overstay its welcome. But my biggest problem with this film was, of all things, the set design.

I’ve seen beautiful budget pornos. We were meant to be watching the upper-crust, but instead it looks like we’re in someone’s rec room, where all their knicknacks are just piled into the corner. It gave a feeling of high-school production. I wanted The Great Gatsby, not The Great Gatsby’s storage unit.

It did try to be relatively unique and attempted to shake things up a little, which needs to be commended. The two women do end up having sex and that was enjoyable to watch. Most of the sexy content is serviceable to good. But I’ve seen things with very similar premises, most notably The Listener, which did it better.

Like I said, it’s fine for what it is. It will probably keep you satisfied for the thirty minutes it exists, but I’m not sure any of us will remember it in a week.

Best Moment: The lesbian scene was nice, and there were some amusing lines from our narrator.

Worst Moment: I really disliked the set design.


Until next time, my voracious voyeurs. I’m Lilith, and I’m always watching.

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