Confessions of a Sound Girl - Lilith Likes to Watch

Title: Confessions of a Sound Girl
Starring: Luna Silver, Honour May
Director: Ed and Sam
Synopsis: Ever wondered what porn performers would actually get up to on set if they were in charge? Happy-go-lucky sound girl Ru gets a front row seat behind the scenes where real life and erotica meet and the actors put THEIR pleasure first. - Via
Lilith's Notes: Our first JoyBear production, I think.

"Fuck it, not all the fun can happen on the set."

Congratulations. This is just porn.

Sometimes that’s ok, but Confessions of a Sound Girl suffers from the lack of interesting story in a way that really highlights the blandness of the performances. This is pure porn, bad acting and lack of chemistry between the performers and cheesy music are all offered up here.

Confessions of a Sound Girl is told in five little episodes. Rue (Played by Luna Silver) is the boom mic operator for porn flicks. That’s a fun premise. Sure, let’s go for this ride.

In episode one, the two performers (played by Adrina Winters and Romeo) are fucking, but at the end of the shoot, Romeo can’t provide a money shot. Everyone packs up their gear, then Winters and Romeo fuck some more. I am confused. Is Ru watching? I don’t think she’s there. Is this her imagination? The story is told from her perspective, why are we seeing this?

It’s such a simple fix, too! Just have her go back in because she forgot her headphones or something. Then she spies on the two of them while they have their fun. But no, we’re just having unmotivated porn for the sake of unmotivated porn because this is a porno.

In episode two, Romeo and Zara DuRose do oral. It is also just porn that lacks chemistry.

And then in an infuriating moment, it just sort of hard cuts into the next episode where Zara DuRose and David Hughs claim to do some sub/dom stuff, but David Hughs, a self-described “total sub” can’t even sub right and Zara can’t dom right. There is no demanding of anything, there is no asking for anything. The sub touches the dom without asking, or being told, nor is he punished for doing so. The dom takes off her own panties, nobody is crawling anywhere or being told what to do or pleading for attention or anything. This is just porn. This is just two people fucking.

Finally, the fourth episode, things get a little more interesting. Ru is on set for a lesbian scene and the director keeps yelling cut right before the two performers (played by Satine Spark and Lola Marie) kiss. Ru fantasizes about taking part in the scene and the viewer is treated to a lesbian menage that’s pretty fun.

The whole story rounds out in the fifth episode, where Ru finds a woman in the kitchen (played by Honour May) and they fuck. The end.

The operative word in the title here is Confessions. It implies there is something to confess. Something like “I secretly watched these performers fuck behind the scenes when they thought they were alone. I put on this woman’s panties after this guy came on them. oh, I watched when no one was looking, I masturbated secretly to the scene, I joined in with the star even though I might get fired.”

Something! This is just a really lame Universal Studios Backlot Tour that basically just says “Porn shoots, am I right?”

The final two sapphic episodes are good, entertaining and after what came before are scorching to watch. I was glad Ru got her fun, but episodes 1-3 are just a waste of time. If you need no-frills heteronormative porn to just jack off to, then go forth my friend, but as a complete offering, Confessions of a Sound Girl would get laughed out of a confessional booth.

Best Moment:The scenes where Ru actually got in there and participated. There was a scene where Honour May and Luna Silver used a feeldoe and it was fun.

Worst Moment: The complete lack of taking advantage of the plot set up. Half the time I was convinced Ru fucked up to have a cup of tea!


Until next time, my voracious voyeurs. I’m Lilith, and I’m always watching.

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