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Title: Confessions of a Sinful Nun: The Rise of Sister Mona
Starring: Charlotte Stokely, Mona Wales, Nina Hartly
Director: Ricky Greenwood
Synopsis: Sister Mona learns that she will be tranferred to Mother Joan's abbey. Mother Joan rules her abbey very differently. She's tough, very strict with her nuns, and she's determined to put a stop to Sister Mona's immoral behavior. Meanwhile, Sister Charlotte needs to take on more responsibility in her convent. With the help of a recently transferred novitiate, Tina, she wants to make sure that Mother Superior's lovely way of living stays as it is for a long time. Unfortunately for them, the diocese doesn't see it the same way and their accepted way of life may be shaken to its core! - Via
Lilith's Notes: The sequel to Confessions of a Sinful Nun and possibly prequel to Under the Veil?

"It is stupid to think that a white veil means that a woman no longer has carnal appetites."

I think we all go through phases at one time or another, and there’s nothing wrong with that. It helps us discover who we are, and how we are different from who we once were and can show us a path to who we can become.

For a while, Ricky Greenwood went through a nunsploitation phase. From 2017 to 2021, like clockwork, Greenwood would bless the masses with sexy girls engaging in bad habits.

But this salacious fixation grew into what I once theorised to be a cinematic universe. And I might be onto something.

Confessions of a Sinful Nun: The Rise of Sister Mona begins some time after the first film. The viewer is told through the narration of Sister Charlotte (Played by Charlotte Stokely) that her lover, Sister Lily had been sent away.

Mother Superior (Played by Nina Hartly) has fallen deathly ill, and her lover and acolyte Sister Mona (Played by Mona Wales) is sent away to another abbey to be punished for her sinful actions.

At the new abbey, Mother Joan (Played by Magdalene St. Michaels) and Sister Mary (Played by Serene Siren) strips Sister Mona of her nun garb and leaves her in her room all alone. Mona Wales has a quiet fury and stoic dignity in her eyes. She stares forward and, though she hides her naked breasts with her arms, doesn’t give a sign that this indignity troubles her. Her eyes remain dark and steadfast.

Elsewhere on the grounds, two nuns (Played by Lena Paul and Cassidy Banks) fuck outside on the lawn. Cassidy keeps the nun veil on and that's fun because we're here for the imagery. It’s a nice scene, and the ladies are beautiful, with great bodies, but there’s no connection to anything else. We never see these characters again.

We return to the plot and Sister Mona is being punished for her transgressions. She lays naked on the cold tile floor under a sheet, then is made to recite words and is whipped while naked. She is continuously tormented while her love, Mother Superior, lays dying in bed.

Mother Superior mourns her health and her youth and her beauty while Sister Charlotte brings her some pleasure. Mother Superior is at the brink before she dissolves into a fit of coughing.

Sister Mary comes to the damaged Sister Mona and washes her wounded back. She confesses to Sister Mona that she is a virgin and the two fuck. Eventually they scissor and it’s very well choreographed. Serene grinds against Mona like an animal until they’re both hold one another in place and moving in sculpted rhythm. Visually it’s an excellent scene but I wish the characters felt something for one another.

Sister Charlotte and Sister Tina (Played by Kenna James) have a mellow oral escapade. It’s nice, Kenna James is always appreciated.

Mother Joan admits to herself that she loves Mother Superior and goes to visit her. They two make love. It’s a good scene, with two performers that are no longer on the younger side of the spectrum so this is obviously not for everybody. But hey, good for them for still having the guts and the giddiness to perform in this line of work. Enjoy!

However, I really wish this was a threesome with Sister Mona, Mother Superior and Mother Joan. We went all through Confessions of a Sinful Nun watching Sister Mona deny herself her love for Mother Superior. We watched the start of this film with Mother Superior and Sister Mona mourning the fact they’re to be parted. Mother Superior is dying, let the two loves of her life say goodbye! I am so disappointed!

But for her actions, Mother Joan is removed from the abbey and Sister Mona becomes the abbess, and she is just as strict as her predecessor.

Ricky Greenwood gets this in a way no one else seems to. Naughty nuns are enough for some people but he sees the whole torment angle, the conflict between one's true self, and one's devotion to God. There's a sense of humanity to his three nunsploitation films. They’re people first, with a whole breadth of emotion. Everything else is secondary, including faith.

This is good. It has a lot of heart, and obviously the message is all about love, but I feel a little let down. Not only did Mona not get to say goodbye to Mother Superior but her rise was just handed to her. She didn’t do anything to facilitate that rise. She didn’t outwit Mother Joan, or turn sisters against one another, or really anything. I feel like there’s a story here that should have been fleshed out a bit more.

Despite my reservations, this is a sinfully sweet story. If you’re looking for crucifixes up the butt, or licking stigmata blood, or rosary anal beads, look elsewhere. This is a human tale of pleasures and pains of the flesh. We’re all fallible.

The question remains however, out of the Ricky Greenwood Holy Trinity, which one is superior?

Best Moment: Though I didn't talk a lot about it, the Sister Charlotte/Sister Tina oral scene. The film wasn't afraid to just slow down, linger and let oral be oral.

Worst Moment: The fact that Mona never got to say goodbye to Mother Superior, with sexy results.


Until next time, my voracious voyeurs. I’m Lilith, and I’m always watching.

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