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Title: Writing in Bed
Starring: Tommy Pistol, Ingrid Mouth
Director: Shine Louise Houston
Synopsis: A mean case of writer’s block and noisy roommates make it very hard for Parker to get any work done. Rowdy Aaron stumbles into Parker’s room late at night rousing her out of bed. Frustrated from lack of sleep and work, Parker tries her hand again at getting some writing done but her fingers find a far more compelling task. - Via Pinklabel.tv
Lilith's Notes: Tommy Pistol in his best performance yet?

"You're mean, but in a nice way."
This is going to be a short review because it was a short scene. Funny how that works.

Parker (Played by Ingrid Mouth), is trying to write, but her room mates are being noisy and she has an apparent case of writer’s block. She’s trying to write some sort of screenplay, and from little we can read of it, a sexy screenplay at that.

She stares at her screen, taunted by the drumming blink of the cursor. Any writer can relate to that.

Aaron (Played by Tommy Pistol) drunkenly stumbles into Parker’s room, thinking it’s the room of someone named Kay. Parker abandons her bed and returns to her writing project while Aaron yammers away.

Having made little progress on her writing, Parker joins Aaron bouncing on her bed.

And then she gives him a handjob for fifteen minutes and that raises all sorts of issues because Aaron is clearly too drunk to consent.

But, it’s fantasy so I guess we can wave that kind of technicality away.

Tommy Pistol is uncomfortably convincing in this. He’s rambling on without a filter in the way a happy drunk does. It’s enough to make one wonder if he got a little fucked up before filming. This scene has behind the scenes footage during the credits and Tommy can turn the act on and off like a lightswitch.

If you’ve seen that clip of Justin Roiland getting shitfaced because he needed to voice a very shitfaced Rick Sanchez, I sort of imagined it was that type of situation.

However, Tommy, or maybe Aaron, makes Parker genuinely laugh, and everyone seems to be having a great time.

The story ends with a satisfied Aaron snoozing in Parker’s bed while she is productively typing away at her computer. Conflict resolution in spades.

Best Moment: Near the end, Aaron has his hands around Parker's and is forcing her hands to stroke his dick. It is fun and hot.

Worst Moment: Some one off screen in the apartment is having a rant and he sounds exactly like Tommy Weiseau.


Until next time, my voracious voyeurs. I’m Lilith, and I’m always watching.

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